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Posted by Heidi Mahoney on 9/29/2017

This Condo in Haverhill, MA recently sold for $215,000. This Townhouse style home was sold by Heidi Mahoney - RE/MAX Main Street Associates.

81 Casablanca Ct, Haverhill, MA 01832

Zip 01832


Sale Price

Full/Half Baths
BOM - buyer got cold feet! Great value for this move-in ready townhouse features gleaming dark hardwood floors throughout the whole unit! Completely remodeled kitchen with beautiful white cabinets, granite counter tops, moveable island with granite and storage, tile backsplash and s/s appliances. Dining area off the kitchen fits a generously sized table and has access to the deck. Generously sized bedrooms (2) with good closet space and ceiling fans. Pull down attic offers a lot of storage. The windows, furnace, and hot water tank are all less than 10 years old. Garage and 1 deeded parking space. Not FHA approved.

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Posted by Heidi Mahoney on 9/25/2017

When looking at new homes, home buyers with high expectations can sometimes feel disappointed with their options. In a world where wood paneling, blue bathtubs, and wallpaper in every room have been popular trends it can feel like a lot of houses on the market are eyesores.

An important factor to keep in mind, however, is what parts of the home are merely cosmetic and which are structurally important. If a home is in a neighborhood you love with all the structurally important systems in excellent shape you can still add it to the top of your list. Poor design choices, or lack thereof, can always be changed down the line. 

If you were hoping for a home with lots of character and detail but the neighborhoods you love are filled with ranches and builder grade homes donít despair. There are plenty of style upgrades you can DIY yourself to give your home the luxe look youíre looking for. 

Ready to make a dramatic first impression? Wow guests with just a few of these simple upgrades. 

If your entrance opens up to a staircase you can create a drastic difference with just a small change. The newel post, that is the first main post of the stair railing, can be swapped out for something more ornate and classic. With plenty of options ranging from boxy posts with molding to something sleek topped with an ornate finial ball. Add more drama by choosing a contrasting color for the finial, newel cap, and railing from the main post and spindles.  

A large mirror placed in an entrance or along the length of a hallway never fails to make a statement. Place a pier mirror between windows to create more light and dimension to the room. Create a built-in look by adding molding and wainscotting painted to match the trim of the room. 

Add elegance by installing a ceiling medallion. Not just for the foyer they are also a great detail to add to your dining room, guest bedroom or home office. With a wide selection at your fingertips, you can pair one with a chandelier for a chic look or for a more modern flair coupled with a contemporary style pendant light.

For a truly classic look wall trim instantly makes any room look more luxe. Keep it simple with box shapes or opt for an art deco touch with more geometric shapes. Paired with other vintage elements wall trim brings a sense of refinement. If youíre aiming for a more effortless yet modern theme pair with a mix of mid-century modern and minimalist pieces.

When house shopping keeping an open mind as to what can be changed and what is imperative for a safe home makes all the difference in your shopping experience. Print out pictures for inspiration or create a board on Pinterest to keep the ideas flowing. As you look at each new house keep in mind how you can easily add these elements to create a more luxurious home with a quick weekend project.

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Posted by Heidi Mahoney on 9/18/2017

Let's face it Ė selecting a real estate agent can be difficult, particularly for home sellers who are afraid to say "No."

As a home seller, it is your responsibility to find a real estate agent who can help you maximize the value of your residence. At the same time, it is important to hire a real estate agent who will respond to your home selling concerns and questions and do whatever it takes to streamline the process of selling your house.

Ultimately, there are three key traits to consider when you search for a real estate agent:

1. Creativity

Your real estate agent should understand that no two homes are identical. Thus, this professional will be unafraid to think outside the box and consider a wide range of solutions to any problem.

Typically, a creative real estate agent will approach problems with an open mind. By doing so, this professional can consider every opportunity and offer a variety of recommendations to ensure you can find the right solution to any problem, at any time.

Ask a real estate agent how he or she has approached unforeseen challenges in the past. This will give you a glimpse into whether a real estate agent embraces challenges or shies away from them. Plus, you may be able to find out if a real estate agent will think creatively to resolve problems throughout the home selling process.

2. Expertise

Ideally, you'll want to find a real estate agent who possesses the skills and know-how to sell your home in a buyer's or seller's market. If this professional boasts many years of experience, and as such, he or she likely has helped numerous home sellers get the best offers for their residences consistently.

Be sure to get references from a real estate agent. This will allow you to contact past clients and learn how a real estate agent helped them sell their residences.

3. Honesty

Although many real estate agents may claim to be honest and forthright with clients, it is paramount to employ a real estate agent who will help you set realistic expectations for the home selling process.

For example, your real estate agent should be able to offer advice and suggestions to enhance your house's interior and exterior. And if your real estate agent notices a glaring problem with your residence that may damage its value, he or she should be ready to notify you about this issue right away.

Furthermore, your real estate agent should be able to keep you updated throughout each stage of the home selling process. He or she also will be prepared to share homebuyers' feedback about your home, regardless of whether this feedback is positive or negative.

With an honest real estate agent at your side, you'll be able to get the support you need to simplify the home selling cycle. As such, you should have no trouble navigating each stage of the home selling process.

Posted by Heidi Mahoney on 9/11/2017

Deciding to put up a fence on your property may seem like a simple decision, but there are a lot of things to consider before hiring a contractor to get it done.

One question to ponder is whether your neighbors might be offended or annoyed by the sudden appearance of a fence near the edge of their property. The answer to that question would partly depend on your relationship with your neighbor, the size of your lot, and whether the fence is tasteful or an eyesore. The problem with that standard is that "tasteful" is in the eyes of the beholder!

Tall fences can and sometimes do have a way of changing the look and feel of your immediate neighborhood, so the installation of a fence could potentially cause resentment from other property owners. The decision to put up a fence on your property is a personal one, but there's also a lot of value in maintaining friendly neighbor relations. (It can be a delicate balance!)

One Step at a Time

In some places, local ordinances or Homeowner Association rules may impose restrictions on fences and other structures. Many towns and municipalities require that you (or your contractor) obtain a building permit before putting up a fence, so a quick phone call or email to the appropriate local official can shed light on requirements, restrictions, and other assorted rigmarole!

Since the cost of installing a fence can easily run into the thousands, it always pays to get a few estimates and proposals from reputable fence companies. Other decisions include choosing the best height and composition of the fence. Fencing materials range from metal and chain link to vinyl and wood. Composite fencing materials are also an option.

Your choice will depend on a lot of factors, including cost, durability, maintenance aspects, and appearance. Online information, free brochures, and meetings with contractors can help you learn more and make an informed decision.

Once you've moved beyond the potential issues of installing a fence on your property, there are several distinct advantages to fencing in your back yard.

  • Enhanced privacy: While "privacy" can mean different things to different people, a tall fence offers an immediate solution to a variety of privacy-related problems. 
  • Pet containment: If you don't always have the time or energy to take your dog(s) for a walk in the neighborhood, it's a major convenience to be able to let them out in a contained area to relieve themselves and get a little fresh air. It can also be a good way to keep them safe and out of trouble!
  • Wildlife barrier: Although there are often gaps at the bottom of fences that prevent fences from being completely wildlife-proof, a properly installed fence can drastically reduce the chances of wildlife sneaking their way into your back yard. Whether you want to protect your vegetable garden or pets from wild animals, a solid fence can be the barrier that you need.
  • Increased security: While fences are not always an impervious barrier to burglars, trespassers, and other intruders, it does provide some protection from those potential threats.
If you're searching for a new home or looking to improve your existing property, the right kind of fence can provide you and your family with a myriad of benefits.

Posted by Heidi Mahoney on 9/4/2017

A bedroom is one of the main rooms that people pay attention to when they go house hunting. So much time is spent in this cozy room. Besides your work location, your bedroom is probably the place where you spend the most time. But, two or more bedrooms also makes up a lot of the square footage at a house.

A relaxing mind leads to a goodnight sleep, not simply laying down in a bedroom

If you turn just one to two bedrooms at your house into an all-purpose room, the house that you currently live in could end up meeting your needs. Just as people are downsizing out of traditional homes into small houses, it might be time to consider living without a separate bedroom.

Think about it. You may not need a bedroom if you don't have children. You also might not need a bedroom if your children are grown and have moved out. Other times when you don't need a bedroom include:

  • Your living room is large enough to accommodate a daybed. If you have a Murphy bed or a pull down wall bed in your den or family room, you may not need a bedroom.
  • The basement at your house is large enough to not only fit an entertainment center, but is also big enough to fit a home office and a twin or queen size bed and one to two dressers.
  • The insulation and air flow in your attic is so good that you can't tell the difference between the air in your living room and the air flow in your attic. In this situation, you could use your attic as a bedroom.
  • Because of your back, you prefer to sleep on the floor. Sleeping on the floor could offer you more support than sleeping in a bed. In fact, some people choose to sleep on the floor even if they have a bed and a bedroom.
  • There's an in-law unit attached to the main part of your house. When guests visit, you could offer them a private sleeping space in the in-law unit. During guest free times, you could sleep at the in-law unit yourself.
  • A busy travel schedule keeps you away from home so much that you rarely spend more than two to three months a year at your house.
  • After your adult children left home, your house started to feel too large. If you redesign one or more of your adult children's bedrooms into a home office, entertainment room or hobby area, you might appreciate all of the space at your house instead of regretting that your children have grown up, making your house feel too big.

There are instances when you may not need a bedroom. Give yourself more house space by honestly assessing whether you really need a bedroom. If you're hesitant to consider situations when you can scrap bedrooms, think about great things that you could use one or more bedrooms for. This could motivate you to redesign your bedroom, allowing your house to fill more of your entertainment, work or relaxing needs.

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