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Posted by Heidi Mahoney on 5/22/2017

While home remodeling can be about getting your home some major cool points, you really want to be focused on the home remodeling projects that will provide you the greatest amount of return on your investment. There are certain home remodeling projects that just arenít worth it. Others will help the value of your home truly soar. Itís important to invest your money carefully and thoughtfully. If you know that youíre moving in the near future, you may not even want to undertake remodeling projects for fear that they wonít be worth it. There are certain projects that are absolutely necessary for you to complete if you hope to get the top value for your home. You donít ant to put in thousands of dollars with no sign of return for your investment. 

Think Simple

You donít need to get complex when it comes to remodeling your home. Take a look at what needs help on the surface. This will include things like new kitchen countertops, replacing sinks, cabinet refacing, or floor retiling. Donít bother with huge structural changes to the home. Also, keep in mind that someone else has a different taste than you. Keep things neutral. You might love a bright yellow kitchen, but itís certain that the next owner will probably have a different preference. 

Work With What You Have

While you may wish that you had a lot more space and hope to put an addition on the home, the next owners could have a different vision. While there will be more square feet of living space, many buyers look at a homeís potential for them. Thereís no sense in starting a bunch of huge construction projects that will only become a costly source of stress. 

Make The Necessary Repairs

Buyers will love a home that has a fairly new roof over one that will need a roof replacement within a couple of years. You should fix the things around the home that need to be tended to. This includes window replacements, roofs, electrical outlet work, and major yard issues. 

Donít Forget The Outdoors

Itís important for your home to look good from the outside as well. Buyers appreciate a home that has been well taken care of. Take the time, money, and effort to keep up your lawn and outdoor landscaping. Planting some greenery around can never hurt. While new owners may have different tastes than you, itís always a bonus to move into a house and have a little less work to do on the outside!

Posted by Heidi Mahoney on 11/14/2016

For home sellers, revamping a kitchen can help transform an ordinary house into an exceptional home. In fact, a high-quality kitchen may make a world of difference for a prospective homebuyer who is considering multiple properties. So what does it take to transform your home's kitchen into an asset that can improve the value and quality of your entire home? Here are three kitchen improvement tips that every home seller needs to know: 1. Plan Ahead. Spend some time planning out how you want your kitchen to look. By doing so, you'll be able to map out your kitchen, decide where new appliances like a refrigerator and stove should go and work toward creating an awe-inspiring kitchen. To plan for your future kitchen, you'll want to consider your current kitchen, too. Your current kitchen might not be perfect, but you should try to keep things in place that you enjoy and get rid of things you don't. 2. Focus on Quality Over Appearance. A sleek appliance won't necessarily prove to be the best appliance. However, a top-rated appliance likely will serve as a viable option in just about any kitchen. Remember, homebuyers frequently search for value, particularly when it comes to a residence's kitchen. As such, you'll want to equip your kitchen with first-rate appliances, especially if you plan to include these appliances as part of a home sale. Ultimately, state-of-the-art appliances could serve you well. And even though you may wind up paying more for high-end appliances, these items could help you receive better offers for your residence. 3. Use Lighting to Your Advantage. Your kitchen should function as a bright, inviting space. Meanwhile, with the right lighting in place, you'll be able to show homebuyers that your residence's kitchen can provide a wonderful spot for family dinners, special events and much more. Ambient lighting such as flush-mounted ceiling lamps and wall sconces can help your kitchen make a distinct impression on homebuyers. Furthermore, task lighting such as under-cabinet lighting offers a perfect mix of form and function, as it can illuminate a particular area of your kitchen and looks great day after day. Don't be afraid to consider a variety of lighting options as you look to reinvent your kitchen. With the right lighting in your kitchen, you'll be able to effectively illuminate this space. Of course, when it comes to revamping your residence's kitchen, your real estate agent may be able to help out as well. This real estate professional can offer suggestions and recommendations and enable you to find the best ways to enhance your kitchen without breaking your budget. Kitchen improvements are paramount for home sellers who want to make their residences more attractive to homebuyers. And home sellers who are committed to accelerating their chances of a fast sale can work toward bolstering the quality and appearance of any kitchen thanks in part to the aforementioned tips. Begin your kitchen improvements today, and you'll be able to increase your chances of generating significant interest in your home.

Posted by Heidi Mahoney on 8/29/2016

If you are environmentally conscious and considering building a new home or remodeling your present property, maybe it is time to get smart. Smart home appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers) equipped with the latest advances in technology connect to online database energy prices. With just a click of an app on your laptop, tablet or smartphone you can program the appliances to operate when demand is lowest, and power is cheapest. Samsung and Whirlpool both offer smart washing machines, dryers, and other innovative home appliances. Sources: Whirlpool.com Samsung.com   JetBoard by Jet Products This is amazing stuff. Not only is it waterproof, fireproof, insect-proof and very strong, its made of lightweight magnesium oxide cement. JetBoard is applicable for use instead of plywood sheathing or gypsum board on interior walls, is perfect to replace backer board under tile and excellent for an outdoor application or where moisture or insect infestation is a problem. Totally environmentally friendly, even the sawdust from it is harmless. About $25 for a 4-by-8-foot, Ĺ -inch-thick panel; jet-board.com Source: Jet-Board.com Home Automation Control Switches Forget worrying if you walked out the house in a rush and forgot to shut off the coffee pot. With home automation switches a ďtap on an appĒ is all you need to control home appliances. Turn off the coffee pot, turn on the lamp or start dinner in the slow cooker. If it has a plug, just plug it in to any lamp or small appliance and control the appliance remotely. Sources: Belken.com   Sensor Enabled Home Thermostats Wi-Fi and sensor-enabled thermostats, compatible with most home HAVC systems, comes equipped with an operating systems that reminds you of the temperatures you and your family prefer. The technology seems almost magical. The thermostat master control unit takes the temperature preference data, programs its self automatically, adjusts heating or cooling requirements to power saving settings when you are away, and saves money all with just a click of an app controllable from any mobile device. Lyric thermostat By Honeywell Designed with a friendly round shape to go with any dťcor, the Lyric thermostat requires no programming. It ďmagicallyĒ detects your comings and goings (actually, your smartphone's) from up tp seven miles away and automatically adjusts temperature settings to save energy. Sources: Nest.com Honeywell.com Automated Stainless Steel Trash Can Once you see this trash can operate, you have to have one. Forget germs and touching an unsanitary surface. The 45-liter semi-round sensor trash can opens with just a wave of the hand the remains open for as long as the task requires. Because it is crafted in an innovative half-round shape, it hugs the wall without hogging kitchen space. Source: SimpleHuman.com Space Age Technology For Home Counter Tops The very latest brilliant combination of technology, beauty, and function, Dekton countertops by Cosentino are crafted from porcelain, quartz, and recycled glass compressed under extreme pressure and heat to produce an ultra-strong, non-porous composite countertop that surpasses anything similar in the marketplace today. Because it is so strong, it can have a 12-inch overhang without support, making it an excellent choice for bar tops, islands and shelving. Because it is non-porous and easily cleaned with just the wipe of a damp cloth, it is well suited for both indoor and outdoor applications in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and craft studios. Source: Dekton.com

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